Close gaps in core range, Launch new lines and drive volume deals straight to decision makers

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Freedom from fixed cost pressures and
risk as you
only pay on actual orders placed.

Store Specific Campaigns

Salesout data drives specific gaps in core range to which we target each store with its own gap led campaign.

Easy Setup Process

Activity can be set up in
2 weeks, supported by a mailer sent to store decision makers providing education and key reasons to stock.

Pay Per Order

Brand in Hand “On the Go” is different to other transfer order mechanics as we only charge suppliers for orders placed with us*.


*Plus a small set up charge

ROI Visibility

Each campaign is tracked for 26 weeks post activity giving greater visibility of retention of new distribution and repeat purchase – the data is provided weekly by Salesout, our tracking and data partners.

How it works

Actionable insight provided by Salesout

  • All campaigns start with a gap analysis, so if it’s a follow on to a new line launch or core range gap fill we’ll know what the start point is.

  • We can then offer every store a campaign pushed to their internet enabled device that is unique to them.

  • Following the activity we will track each new point of distribution and measure retention and repeat purchase with a weekly report up to 26 weeks post our campaign sent to your inbox.
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